Friday, February 20, 2009

Jake's Wake, (Leisure Fiction), by John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow

In “Jake's Wake”, Splatterpunk veteran John Skipp and newcomer Cody Goodfellow team up to paint a bloody vista that will remain entrenched in the reader's imagination long after the last page. An effortless collaboration, the narrative is seamless, unified. There's no guessing where Skipp ends and Goodfellow begins. They meld their differing styles smoothly to fashion a story that hits the ground running and never lets up, not until its surprisingly spiritual last page.

Pastor Jake always promised his congregation he'd rise from the dead. A two-bit con man, former rocker-turned cable television evangelist, Jake's always been able to influence those around him. He has a nose for scams, wields an uncanny ability to bend weak wills to his own, and has left piles of broken lives – and bodies - in his wake. But now he's dead, run through the guts by a vengeful boyfriend, sent to the “other side” far sooner than he'd ever expected.

That's okay, though...because Jake's back. Maybe he never quite believed his own dogma; maybe he did. As a resurrected Jake climbs from his coffin during his wake, he realizes it doesn't matter, because he's back baby; back from the dead. It's time to usher in a new world, bathed in a baptism only Jake can deliver: one of never-ending blood. Tonight, Jake's going to collect his true believers and cut the fat from the meat – literally.

Skipp and Goodfellow land punch after visceral punch to the reader's mind and heart. There's more to this tale than torn bodies and spilled guts, however – though there's plenty of that, too. Couched in fun, bloody violence, terror and suspense are gripping questions about faith and fanaticism. What is true faith, and when does it cross the line? What separates a man of God and someone who believes he is god? And, when someone comes back...what do they bring with them? These are questions everyone can ponder, and along the way they can also pray to God their favorite televangelist doesn't die and come back looking for true believers.

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