Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Resurrectionist, (Leisure Fiction), by Wrath James White

In this serial-killer-thriller, Wrath James White has crafted a brutal story that moves fast and effectively. White approaches this in a unique and interesting way: what if you could be raped and murdered over and over again? What if you only remembered certain elements? Or nothing at all?

Sarah Lincoln and her husband Josh live in Las Vegas. Like many Americans they're doing their best to stay afloat, but lately they've grown more and more concerned as their neighbors lose their homes to foreclosure or flee from the escalating crime rate.

When a man named Dale moves in across the street, Sarah begins having nightmares of being raped and murdered. Every time she wakes, she's astonished to find herself and Josh unharmed. Sarah questions her sanity while Josh struggles with a past he wishes he could forget. One afternoon, Sarah finds their mattress soaked in blood and freshly cleaned patches of carpet leading away from their bed.

Unable to comprehend what's happening, Sarah and Josh look for evidence to end this mystery. What they find defies reality. With the help of a sympathetic detective and her partner, a race begins to stop Dale from doing what he does best. But since his victims aren't he actually committing a crime?

"The Resurrectionist" contains a compelling group of characters. White balances action and exposition well; weaving suspense that raises the blood pressure. White's penchant for blending brutality, fantastical elements and philosophical messages that push boundaries, break taboos, and leave readers thinking long after his story has ended is exemplified here.

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Reviewed by Ben Eads.

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