Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Corpse King", (Cemetery Dance), by Tim Curran

Horror finds its roots in many places: the supernatural, the occult and the bizarre, the common fears of humanity, the lusts and desires of the criminally insane. Often overlooked, however, but perhaps even more potent are the pages of history. We didn't always live in such a sanitized, advanced, progressive world. For all but a few, especially those who lived in crowded urban areas, life was often a miserable, filthy, degrading experience that offered little hope for the future, and in this sewer-bound world very real, tangible horrors, inescapable abounded.

“The Corpse King” by Tim Curran takes place in such a world; a time before modernity, where many made quick profit by sulking through midnight cemeteries and robbing graves of the recently interred. This is the world of Samuel Clow and Mickey Kierney, built on the mouldering dead and their bone-white skeletons. Digging up bodies of the dearly departed, selling them as cadavers, harvesting the dead, these two live a depraved, ruinous life based on charnel house foundations.

Something moves beneath the graves, however, a being whose insatiable taste for the dead rivals theirs. It is far older, comprised of bits and pieces of that which it's feasted on for centuries...and with each venture into wet, night-covered graveyards, Clow and Kierney sense a growing malignancy garnished in the fragrance of decay, coming from something of limitless hunger. It's watching, waiting, biding its time. Despite several close calls, these two graveyard princes continue their plunder – because after all, what other life is there for two low class men such as they? - as they keep a date with the greatest graverobber of them all, The Corpse King.

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