Saturday, July 3, 2010

THE MAN OF MYSTERY HILL, (Quake Publishing), by Tracy Carbone

Tracy Carbone's The Man of Mystery Hill is the story of Abby McNabb and her slightly unusual father, Andy. Abby is your everyday fourth grade student, living with her mother in the town of Bradfield, Massachusetts. Her father lives only a few streets away but has always been considered the town eccentric, especially after the divorce. He's a famous author who's written about things like aliens and ghosts and insists to anyone who will listen that they're real.

Andy believes in aliens, ghosts and other things that Abby thinks are make-believe, until one day he takes Abby and her friends to America's Stonehenge and she has a strange experience of her own. That's when she meets Raphael, a ghost from another planet. From there the adventure begins.

After her unusual experience Abby and her friends, Claudia and Chase, begin to suspect that Andy is more than he appears and set out to discover the truth about his origins. What they discover is the universe is a whole lot bigger than they thought it was and that aliens really do exist!

The plot of the story is well written, yet it's easy to follow. Mystery Hill also introduces and explains numerous ideas such as peace and harmony, as well as a reminder that some people who are hurtful to others might be in pain themselves. It illustrates the importance of following the law and even includes an anti-drug message near the end.

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Reviewed by Christopher Collins

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