Friday, August 13, 2010

The Killing Kind, (Leisure Fiction), by Bryan Smith

Throughout this modern day gore-fest, Bryan Smith invites readers to examine the build up to one of the bloodiest massacres ever to hit the USA from multiple points of view, projecting fear, loathing, delight, and pure dread through the eyes of both victims and assailants.

Robert really digs Goth chicks; the kinds with raven black hair and PVC corsets that make up his immense friend-list on Myspace. But just imagine his surprise when, whilst filling up his car, a classic Goth chick comes sauntering right up to him - and sticks a 38mm revolver in his gut. Roxie is undeniably gorgeous, but this rose has thorns; so when she orders Rob at gun point to follow a van full of preppy rich kids, then, well - who is he to argue?

After setting off, Rob gets to know Roxie pretty intimately, and develops a kind of twisted, lustful case of Stockholm syndrome. Beaten, confused, and scared out of his mind, he soon finds himself battling with a dilemma - does he really want to go back to his boring, drama-free life, or should he keep up with his psycho girl's plans?

Unfortunately, it's too late - he's been ensnared by Roxie, and she just isn't a girl you refuse. Whilst their journey towards the bloody beach bash continues, readers get to don a variety of new skins, and meet some crazy characters whilst inside them.

Turns out, Roxie isn't the only one lusting for blood - because Julie Cosgrove, an unsuspecting teenage girl, is even sicker than she is. Leaving her babysitting days behind her for a wild trip of gruesome self-discovery, Julie teams up with hill-billy corpse-raping Zeb, who "shows her the ropes". Unsurprisingly for Julie, this killing stuff is contagious - and soon, she just keeps hankering for more.

But what happens when these couples' journeys cross paths? And what abominable havoc do they wreak at the (allegedly) unsuspecting rich kids' party?

Written with an "in-your-face" confidence, this novel is not for the faint at heart. The omniscient 3rd viewpoint creates a refreshing insight into the lives and minds of these deliciously brutal characters, and the horrific bloodshed they cause. The novel as a whole speaks with a merciless voice that knocks all other horror novels clear out of the water; an eye-opening `must read' for horror fans.

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A. E. Grace is a literature geek, currently studying Creative And Media Writing at Middlesex University, UK. She is a film and literature buff, with a keen interest in horror. Her hobbies include writing, cartooning, books, and films.

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