Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Plea of Apollisian, (Skullvines Press) by Shane Moore

Shane Moore, retired police detective turned epic fantasy author, has embarked on the ambitious Abyss Walker series with his first of many, The Plea of Apollisian, through Skullvines Press.

The book opens up among the gods of the land of Terrigan. An exiled goddess of Mercy finds herself made mortal, where she gives birth to a son. Her union with a human brings misfortune upon them both, as they are slaughtered. Lance, the orphan child of prophesy, survives with an agenda of vengeance, hiding secret magical abilities.

Together with his brawny swordsman friend Jude, they travel the Terrigan countryside together against a backdrop of impending war between the human nation of Beykla and the dwarf nation of Stoneheart, seeking a translation for an ancient text. The narrative interweaves a myriad of characters, paladin Apollisian, for which the book is named, his comrades Alexis the elf and a squire, the general dwarf Amerix, and Were-Rats along the way.

The book moves quickly, and proves a light read with an action-packed plot. Shane Moore enjoys exploring the language as he depicts scenes with great diligence. For the reader who enjoys epic fantasy movies, this is a good choice, as the book evokes a cinematic feel in pacing and scenes, from the foolish thief who runs across dinner tables to evade capture, to the evil King of Nalir who enjoys torturing his lackeys with smarmy, self-satisfaction, to a dragon sprawled across his ancient treasure.

However, there is an emotional aspect lacking within the central characters that detracts from the whole. Lance is angry over the murder of his parents, but it ties into his present actions as more of an afterthought. The reader who craves a more character-driven story may do well to seek elsewhere.

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Tracy said...

I feel as though it had a great movie presence through out the series. Being a female, I enjoyed reading about the romance between, wearats, Kaisha and Ryshander. I am excited to see other relationships bloom as the characters advance through the series.