Sunday, October 3, 2010

Born to Bite, (Avon), by Lynsay Sands

Lynsay Sands gives us the latest in the Argeneau family with Born to Bite from Avon HarperCollins, a vampire paranormal romance set in Sands' native Canada. Since 1997, she's been penning best-sellers in the paranormal/historical romance field, injecting story with suspense, humor, and sex.

Sands wastes no time, introducing us to Armand Argeneau and Eshe D'Aureus, immortal, good-looking, and in dire need of a reason to take off each other's clothes. Sands provides us with the reason: Eshe is an Enforcer, a law officer in the vampire world, and she is there in an undercover capacity to investigate the deaths of Armand's previous wives. Armand is told Eshe needs a place to hide out for several weeks, and takes her in as a favor to his brother.

However, in the Argeneau vampire world, vampires are known to find "life mates," an instant connection between two vampires that supersedes all other concerns, awakening their senses, their desires, and their animal appetites. While Eshe is determining if Armand is a cold-blooded killer, neither can resist their hot-blooded urges.

Born to Bite is the fast-food variety of fiction, a guilty pleasure geared for the female demographic that can be gobbled down in seconds. Sands is noted for interspersing humor throughout her novels, but most attempts fall flat here. The main characters fail to stir a sense of urgency or emotional response in the reader, and the writing style is all action, lacking the attention to character detail that can make genre fiction so enjoyable when done well. Justin Bricker is the most likable character beside the main players, because, like the reader, he has no choice but to tolerate the poor jokes and boring sex scenes.

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