Thursday, June 30, 2011


by Alison Goodman
Published by Viking Juvenile

Being the first female Dragoneye that the world has seen in centuries hasn't slowed Eona down too much. In fact, it has added to the hordes of angry rebels tracking her around the country when the readers first delve into this read. Between EON and EONA, many events have unfolded that could spell disaster or salvation to the traveling band of resistance against Sethon's rule.

Following the tragic and sudden death of the Emperor, Prince Kygo must now defeat Sethon in the attempt to gain control of the throne by the end of the claiming days. Eona has managed to find out how to connect with her Mirror Dragon. The only problem is that when she does, the other dragons in the spirit realm whose partners have been killed attack both her and Ido, creating an uncontrollable wave of power that has catastrophic results. A lot of significant characters have been killed or kidnapped by Sethon's forces, bringing Eona's group down to just a trusted few. When they meet up with Kygo and his army, they know that it is now to never to defeat Sethon and regain control of the empire to save not only themselves, but everyone around them, in both this world and the spirit ones.

There were many parts of this story that were easily likeable. The overall "band of rebels trying to defeat a bad guy and make everything right" vibe is right on the road of agreeable righteousness. Seeing Eona change from Eon, a timid, crippled, insignificant girl pretending to be a boy, to Eona, a confident, powerful woman who isn't afraid to conquer any issue in her path was monumental to both me as a reader, and to the overall plot and advancement of the story. Love triangles, rape, and a lot of confusing inner conflicting characters had me shutting the book for a while. It was the need to finish the story and see how it ended that kept me turning back to the page I have left off on and getting re-immersed into this powerful new world.

Though EONA answered many questions readers were left asking at the end of EON, this sequel also created a lot of new questions. Not to mention, straying far from it's YA genre with a few borderline R-rated love scenes. Seeing EON create a brand new world with stunning characters, history, and culture, then to see EONA come around and knock down that empire with its malevolence and violence was both shocking and disappointing.

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Reviewed by Nora Yelekli

Nora Yelekli is the writer behind The Bookery, a YA/Adult book review blog featuring book reviews with attitude. Having just graduated from High School, she is planning to embark on the fun journey that is in store for the college-bound teen. However, those masses of teens will not be carting as many books as Nora plans on packing. When she's not reading, Nora is a Phineas & Ferb watching, Superman hoarding vegetarian with a whole lot of hair dye and not a lot of sleep.

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