Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome To Moon Hill (Moon Hill) by Anthony J. Rapino

Welcome To Moon Hill is an intriguing collection of short fiction based in the mythic town of Moon Hill. The alluring stories that comprise the collection are unique as the town itself: dark, suspenseful, and most of all, enticing. The author gives us well-written, tightly-woven stories that touch upon myriads of emotions. Stand outs are:

From Your Body They Rise”, is a surreal and haunting tale of curiosity and the wonderment of discovery. Alan discovers a peculiar “plant” that would make him a legend in science, and re-define physics. As the journey grows, so do the stakes. With a suspense that is palpable, the author weaves the reader into the tale white-knuckled, with effortless grace and ease. 
Hair of The Dog”, Poor, John. Some guys just can’t get a break. He gets the courage up to ask the girl at the local coffee shop out, and she rejects him. A bit worse, actually. She simply states that he is “dark and depressing.” He walks out and goes in search of another java-joint. However, his options may be limited. This one is short, sweet and best of all, hilarious. 
And The Drums Went Thump Thump Thump”, is a somber, heart-felt tale of the struggles single parents face. John is trying his best with his teenage, death-metal loving daughter, Ashley. John decides to open a door into her world, her life. Perhaps with some renewed insight, he can understand her gruff exterior. A pair of street thugs would like to do the same as well. Can John put the bottle down and finally stand up?
Struck By Golden Lightning”, Ewan has the mind of a child. Despite some of his neighbors understanding this, others are more reluctant to have their children play with him. This touching, fantastical tale explores family, friends—tolerance vs. intolerance—and the belief that anything is possible. Soon, perhaps, everyone will see just how special Ewan actually is. 
There are a lot of books and collections that have a foreboding town, or dwelling where bad things happen. It is a tradition and staple in horror that we all love. However, Welcome to Moon Hill shines with tales that horrify, yet hook our imaginations in a unique way as well. We find ourselves standing in synch with these characters that are on the brink of new worlds and answers, or oblivion and its sweet embrace. But for the life of us, our curiosity always gets the best of us…no matter the outcome. 

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Reviewed by Ben Eads
Ben Eads is a dark fiction author of short stories and longer fiction. His work tends to represent modern horror coupled with what he likes to call: “Imagination-tickling elements”. Ben is also a huge fan of dark fiction and dark movies. At the age of ten he wrote his first story. Taking writing seriously in early 2008, Ben Eads has published numerous short dark fiction stories in various magazines, anthologies, and E-Zines.
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