Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joe R. Lansdale on The Funky Werepig!

Never in a million years would I think our little clown and circus show would be able to have a legend such as JOE R LANSDALE as a guest. Winner of more awards than we can count, his novels and short stories have run entire series, been made into films and television and even into comic books. You don't climb much higher than Joe R Lansdale and he's here to discuss his new novel VANILLA RIDE. We just may crash the BTR network with this one! Also, listen tonight for a chance to win a signed copy of Nate Kenyon's awesome new novella, Prime!


Anonymous said...

1.)Gretchen Von Stroodlehymen

2.)The Devil Uses a Shoehorn

3.)Joan Rivers

Nequasset said...

#1 - Gretchen Von Stroodlehymen
#2 - The Devil Uses a Shoe Horn
#3 - RRRRRRRRR Scott McCoy (He's a Pirate, Y'know!)