Sunday, October 25, 2009

Theatre of the Macabre, (Skullvines Press), by Roy C. Booth

From the internationally award-winning playwright who brought Brian Keene's “Terminal” to the stage comes a trilogy of one-act plays perfect for the late October chill. In “Theatre of the Macbre”, Roy C. Booth offers chills, thrills, and spots of humor and cynicism as well. Even in one acts, these tales are quick, tasty bites that will leave a shiver under your skin long after you've read them.

In “Smoking Will Kill You”, cruel irony deals an appropriate hand to an arrogant, dismissive psychiatrist and his scheming wife. In “He Who Gets Laughed At Last”, a pompous comedian with no real talent goes to extreme measures to get a laugh, only to discover the last one is on him...forever. Perhaps the best, most satisfying tale is found in “Death Under Gaslight”, where three robbers get more than they bargained for, and a classic, Gothic character plays a pivotal role.

Pick up this collection and enjoy the laughs, screams, and cries...if you dare.

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